Of course, the first thing I've checked after setting this blog is whether it is possible to have a XHTML+MathML+SVG page in dotclear. As indicated in the Mozilla MathML Project page, one has to:

  1. serve the page as application/xhtml+xml.

    This is simply done by editing the value of parameter $content_type in the function serveDocument of the file dotclear/inc/public/lib.urlhandlers.php.

  2. write well-formed XML document.

    Apparently, dotclear is good enough to do that. However, its editor does not seem to have any option for producing MathML or SVG. Personally, I don't use the wiki syntax and prefer to write the XHTML page myself with the tools I'm used to. As a consequence, this is not really a problem for me.

    It is also a good idea to write a valid XML document. By default, dotclear uses the doctype XHTML 1.0 Strict so I had to modify the files themes/name_of_your_theme/tpl/*.html to set XHTML+MathML+SVG instead.

Once this simple changes are made, you can insert MathML formulas such that this expression of a general Quantum Fourier Transform over a finite group: g G , F G g = 1 G ρ G ̂ d ρ i , j = 1 d ρ ρ i j ( g ) ρ i j

or SVG images such that this quantum circuit used in the famous Shor's algorithm:

0 n |0^n⟩ 0 n |0^n⟩ U f U_f F N F_N F N F_N


--update 30/01/2011: you can find my patch for Dotclear 2.2