I've released two betas of Mozilla MathML add-ons for trunk builds:

  1. MathParser: mathparser-0.1.xpi (Linux x86_64, 95.7 KB)
  2. Mathzilla: mathzilla-0.1.xpi (168.85 KB)

MathParser adds an XPCOM component to parse mathematical expressions into MathML and should be usable with any Mozilla application. Two modes are available: simple or itex (see part 1 and part 2). Mathzilla is an add-on for Firefox, based on jetpack 0.8. It requires MathParser to be installed and provides the following features that people interested in MathML are likely to appreciate:

  • A tiny MathML editor. It's basically an interface for MathParser, with an input field and a MathML rendering of the output.
  • Conversion of Content MathML, based on David Carlisle's ctop.xsl. A good workaround for bug 276028.
  • Conversion of PNG images into MathML. Of course, this works only on websites that provide the LaTeX source as alt text. In particular, it is usable on Wikipedia and hence allows to workaround Wikimedia's bug 6383.
  • A copy MathML formula item in the context menu. For the moment, I've only tested the text/unicode flavor, so I'm not sure the application/mathml+xml flavor works. See bug 539506 and transferring MathML for more information. Of course, this allows to copy the MathML outputs of the three previous features ;-)

Some screenshots:

MathML Testsuite, testing content markup.
Content Markup of the MathML testsuite transformed into Presentation Markup using ctop.xsl.

Interface of Mathzilla  Parser, LaTeX input.
The interface of the Mathzilla parser, with Unicode-friendly itex input.

MathML formula on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia's page on Fourier series with PNG images transformed into presentation MathML.