Just before I posted my blog entry about mathematical fonts, I received a mail from Dave Barton about which mathematical fonts to use in browsers. We also have this kind of discussion at MathJax. So I think this issue is important and I would like to give more updates:

  • Mac OS X: STIX fonts are currently installed by default on Lion (and not shipped in Webkit browsers as I claimed in my previous post).
  • Linux: I asked Mike Hommey to update Iceweasel's font dependencies. To all the package maintainers of Linux distributions: Firefox no longer uses Mathematica or TeX fonts since at least version 4.0 ; the latest versions rely on MathJax fonts, STIX fonts and Asana Math.
  • Windows: Recent versions have Cambria Math installed but Firefox can not use it yet. I just read this article about MSI for deploying Fonts. The approach seems pretty easy: it uses the free software WiX to create a font installer from a small XML file. Any volunteer to create such an installer for MathJax fonts, STIX fonts and Asana Math?
  • Android: The situation is not really clear to me, but according to Bill Gianopoulos it is difficult to install fonts on some devices and the MathML font add-on seems a good alternative. If I understand correctly, this add-on works on native Android build but not XUL-based ones. Bill's builds contain an experimental patch to make a modified version of the add-on usable in XUL-based build too.
  • About warning that mathematical fonts are missing and suggesting to install them: my approach has not raised much enthusiasm so far, so I'm not sure the patches will be integrated in Firefox.