Today, I have added some pages to the international section of the website. Apart my hand-in exam for the course Category Theory for Computer Science, there are pages on Riemannian Geometry: my notes for the oral exam, my proposal of solutions to the exercises 4.12 and 7.1 of Lee's book (Riemannian Manifolds, An Introduction to Curvature) and my proof of the fact that in a 3-dimensional riemannian manifold, the curvature tensor is determined by the Ricci curvature. This proof uses a funny relationship between the determinant of the linear system involved and the one of the matrix of the riemannian metric that I have obtained using Maxima (yes, I'm too lazy to compute the determinant of a 6 × 6 matrix). I haven't written material about the other courses but I hope to make available my report on Quantum Computation when I'm finished.