MathML 3 comes with a new version of the operator dictionary and I expect to update Mozilla's own version accordingly. Some members of the MathML WG have actually written a separate recommendation XML Entity Definitions for Characters which contains various information on Unicode characters, including some properties relevant to mathematical operators. They provide a file unicode.xml which is very large (> 6Mb) so I've written an XSLT stylesheet to extract only the information required for the operator dictionary. The stylesheet does nothing magical: it only creates an XML document with a <root/> and <entry/>'s children. The attributes from the initial unicode.xml are attached to each of these entries, using the compact form of the MathML 3 dictionary for boolean-valued properties.

Using the xsltproc tool, the typical command is

xsltproc -o dictionary.xml operatorDictionary.xsl unicode.xml

which produces a XML file dictionary.xml of moderate size (< 150 ko) that should be easier to process. I hope it will help developers of MathML tools to align on the new operator dictionary. Note that the stylesheet is distributed under a triple MPL/GPL/LGPL licence, so people should be able to use it freely.