Welcome to « Maths, Informatique, Jeux », a Web site about math, computer. science and games. My name is Frédéric Wang, I am a French studient at ENSIIE a Grande École in computer science and currently an Erasmus studient at Aarhus Universitet (Denmark).

This page covers some topics I'm interested in, namely mathematics, free software and web technologies.


My personnal notes (not complete yet) on the exercices of the book of Thomas Jech "Set Theory":

Some work I've made in Riemannian geometry during my stay at Århus:

Some pages I wrote for my MathML test

Free Software


Amaya is a Web editor developped by the INRIA and the W3C. The two main purposes are to demonstrate new Web technologies and to help users to easily create pages compliant to W3C recommandations. I contribute mainly to its MathML and SVG support. You can see the report of my internship at INRIA : "Éditeur de schémas et graphiques en SVG (fr)".


I also contribute to Gecko, the layout engine of Firefox.

Bugs I'm working on and bugs I've fixed


Web Technologies

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