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I made the following pages, based on the MathML W3C Recommendation, to test MathML in Amaya. They can also be useful for developpers of other MathML softwares especially browsers. The symbols in this page are displayed using their numeric references and as a consequence entity names recognization is not tested.

Presentation Markup

This first part is based on chapter 3. You can see whether all presentation elements are recognized and the result for several values of their attributes.

Content Markup

This part is based on chapter 4.


Combining Presentation and Content Markup

This part is based on chapter 5.


Characters, Entities and Fonts

This part is based on chapter 6 and allows to see whether all MathML characters can be displayed. The tables have been taken from the page Characters Ordered by Unicode. Some characters are repeated several times.

Operator Dictionnary

This part is based on Appendix F. The purpose is to check the symbols of operators listed in this appendix or in the same category. Also, attention is focused on the Horizontal Stretching Rules and the Vertical Stretching Rules. Different methods are used to see if the symbol can be streched, but generally it is put as the sole direct sub-expression of an mtd to check both directions.

Examples with various mathematical formulae

This part gives examples that show the use of MathML in mathematical formulae.

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The content of these MathML tests are under a Creative Commons License.