MathML with other standards

Currently few browsers have a native MathML support, but even less can use it with all the other W3C standards. Th to e following examples show how you can mixed MathML with XHTML, CSS, SVG, SMIL and XLink. An example of the expected rendering is given, using Amaya. Update 01/19/09: Firefox is now able to display all the examples below, except XLink in MathML.

Description Your browser rendering Sample rendering (Amaya)
A simple formula (MathML) z , exp z = n = 0 + z n n ! Definition of exp
A formula (MathML) inside a web document (XHTML) For all λ , κ 0 :
  1. If κ λ then κ λ = 2 λ .
  2. If there is some μ < λ such that μ λ κ then κ λ = μ λ .
  3. If κ > λ and if μ λ < κ for all μ < κ , then :
    • If cf κ > λ then κ λ = κ .
    • If cf κ λ then κ λ = κ cf κ .
Laws of infinite cardinal exponentiation

(bug in Amaya : &kappa; (κ) in italic is rendered as &kappav; (ϰ))

A formula (MathML) containing a pink & red matrix (CSS) . det 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = 0 Formula with a red & pink matrix
The definition of a function (MathML) inside the drawing of its graph (SVG). y = 2 x π 2 6 The graph of a linear function
A link to the top of the page (XLink) inside a formula (MathML). ( a + b ) n = k = 0 n n k a k b n k A link inside a formula

An expression of gravitational interaction (MathML) next to the Moon. Both are rotating arround the Earth (SVG+SMIL)

F = G m M r 2 u r

See mathml_svg.xml

The Moon rotating arround the Earth
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