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The documents below are intended to demonstrate how HTML5 technologies - especially MathML - can be used in Web pages and ebooks in order to produce advanced educational, technical and scientific materials. They have been written for the "Mathematics in ebooks" project from 2013-10-15 to 2014-04-30, which has also improved the MathML support in WebKit and Mozilla projects. As such, these documents are best displayed with the latest WebKit/Gecko versions. The advanced Web technologies used in these documents are not supported by all the EPUB readers but at least iBooks (WebKit) and Azardi (Gecko) are known to support MathML and Javascript in ebooks. As for screen readers, WebKit exposes a hierarchical accessible tree for MathML which is used by VoiceOver and this feature is currently being implemented in Gecko. I'd like to thank everybody who made this project possible.

Listing of Samples

Note (2014/04/25): These documents use custom Web fonts with OpenType MATH table to provide specific math style. However, be aware that the patches that have been written to add some support for OpenType MATH table in Gecko and WebKit have not all been merged yet and that LaTeXML is currently not able to generate EPUB documents with WOFF fonts.


I'm very grateful to Ulule for hosting the project as well as to the following companies and organizations which provided financial support:

Design Science
Infogrid Pacific
Jacobs University Bremen
le-tex publishing services
XML Prague

I want to acknowledge the individuals who contributed to the project. Together, they were able to raise a significant amount of money:

Arredondo Bisonó Teigna
Bha Pra
Bouckaert Charlotte
Brisset Charles
Bronger Torsten
Carlisle David
Cherniavsky-Paskin Beni
Crisp Andrew
Deltour Romain
Distler Jacques
Doel Dan
Edwards Dylon
Eyraud Charles-Henri
Fink Alex
Gianopoulos William
Ginev Deyan
Gérard-Marchant Rémi
Hanche-Olsen Harald
Heredia Benjamín
Hu Xuan
Imsieke Gerrit
Ion Patrick
Jolly Susan
Kalvoda Tomáš
Kaplansky Jean
Kaur Gurpreet
Kazak Artyom
Khavkine Igor
Kok Ron
Kozlov Oleksandr
Krautzberger Peter
Krontiris Angela
Lamboley François
Leblanc Manuela
Lefèvre Vincent
Lerch Christian
Lundervold Alexander
Mercat Christian
Miller Bruce
Milowski Alex
Morrison Scott
Pettarin Alberto
Pipe Richard
Raba Andres
Ralph Peter
Raniere Silva
Raumer Jean-Pierre
Ressler Sandy
Robinson Martin
Romerio Martin
Schiff Ross
Scholz Florian
Schubotz Moritz
Segerman Henry
Simões Juan
Smith Don
Soiffer Neil
Stacey Andrew
Tyler Simon
Veyssière Célian
Wagner Philipp
Waldin Ray
Walling Bjarke
Walsh Norman
Wang François
Wang Jacqueline
Wang Wei-Yang
Weck Daniel

Finally, this project would not have been possible without the support of people from the WebKit and Mozilla community (both paid staff and volunteers) who reviewed or submitted patches and provided suggestions or assistance. Among those who have not already been mentioned above, I wish to say thank you to:

Agarwal Anuj
Adler Darin
Deshpande Aniket
Fleizach Chris
Fulgham Brent
Hosny Khaled
Kew Jonathan
Kitchener James
Kling Andreas
Krznaric Branko
McCormack Cameron
O'Callahan Robert
Schulze Dirk
Tomlinson Karl